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About Us

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School seeks to foster the development of the whole person, educating our youth in the faith and helping to ensure a Christian philosophy in our world.

The community of St. Thomas Aquinas receives its fundamental direction from the teachings of Christ as expressed in the gospels. All of the actions taken by this community are expected and meant to be consistent with these teachings.

The staff of this school recognize and accept the responsibility of providing varied opportunity for the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development of each student. In keeping with the gospel values, we undertake to engender and develop in ourselves and in our students a responsibility and commitment to the better welfare of all others and our shared global environment.

This school uses a building and facilities to operate. However, the school is more truly identified by its students, staff, parents, pastors and Board personnel. The character and attributes of the school come from the activity and behaviour of each of these contributing members. For the school to be successful, each of us must continually strive to make it so.

On a day-to-day basis, the school takes on its character primarily by how staff and students behave towards one another in carrying out their respective duties. In a relatively large community, it is necessary to set forth some directions on expected behaviour - the purpose of these being to establish a harmonious environment which will promote the accomplishment of our fundamental objectives.

As always, to follow and abide by directions requires discipline. It is our aim that each person acquires the self-discipline which enables adherence to these directions.

However, if a person of the community violates these directions, consequences will be applied. This is done both to safeguard the welfare of the community and to develop better self-discipline with the ultimate purpose of achieving reconciliation.