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Code of Conduct

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School is a caring Christian community founded in Catholic values, dedicated to academic excellence and committed to preparing students to meet the challenges of the future. Our school's vision is a "Commitment to Excellence in a Catholic Learning Environment" in serving all our students.

We have a dedicated staff and dynamic student body. Our Raven Spirit is so evident in our school community with the many extra and co-curricular activities offered by our committed staff for our students. A partnership with our Parish and our community members is a cornerstone at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School community.

At STA, we are committed to uplifting and celebrating the unique hearts, minds, bodies and souls of all students, learning through faith, living with hope, loving in Christ. Every effort will be made to identify and remove discriminatory biases and systemic barriers that may limit access to and opportunity for effective student learning and growing.

STA recognizes the importance of compassion, patience and empathy when working with vulnerable populations. Our focus is to create a fair environment for all and to emphasize understanding and honouring diversity. STA is committed to serving all students and staff, in its diverse Catholic community, by incorporating the core principles of equity and inclusive education in all aspects of our school community that are consistent with the Catholic denominational rights.
Our high school is named after the universal patron saint of all Catholic schools. St. Thomas Aquinas is one of the greatest thinkers our Catholic Church has ever known. He combined great learning with great humility, and he is our inspiring example of faith for all of us to look to in our Catholic High School.

The school motto is taken from St. Thomas Aquinas, himself: “Faith Serving Understanding”.


1. To involve and work in partnership with the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School Council and Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Parish to create a learning environment and culture where students are able to study and practice in a community that believes and reflects Gospel values.
2. To encourage students to explore their humanity and culture by studying and analyzing the arts, media and technology, in the light of the Catholic Faith.
3. To recognize and celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of students, staff, parents and other members of our school community, both formally and informally.
4. To strive to create a safe school for all, through shared, committed leadership and equitable, diverse and inclusive education.
5. To support and enable diversity within our Catholic community.
6. To eliminate social and cultural discrimination.
7. To recognize and eliminate biases related to race, class, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, family status, religion, and linguistic differences as well as socio-economic factors.
8. To ensure effective accommodations are available for students and staff with disabilities.
9. To provide opportunities for staff and students to facilitate equitable and inclusive practices within the school community.