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The interscholastic athletic program is an integral part of the total education and growth experience at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School. It provides an environment where the student may develop and refine athletic skills, test those skills through suitable competition and develop leadership and sportsmanship. Our athletic philosophy is designed to support and affirm the philosophy and mission statement of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School and attempts to promote and put into action the expectations of the Ontario Catholic School Graduate.

Students and parents are expected to conduct themselves in a positive manner, displaying good sportsmanship at all times, both as participants and as spectators at all athletic events. While winning and losing are components of interscholastic sports, competition and participation are emphasized at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School and are the means by which students are guided to integrate the values of respect for one’s body, sportsmanship, loyalty, cooperation, respect for others and fitness into their lives.


  1. To develop Catholic attitudes through working with others.
  2. To provide as many athletic activities for as many students as possible.
  3. To help students develop agility and overall physical coordination.
  4. To promote general physical fitness and an appreciation for physical activity.
  5. To develop school spirit, morale and loyalty.
  6. To expose students to a variety of situations which will aid them in developing sportsmanship, team cooperation, courtesy and self-control.
  7. To develop concepts of goal attainment through hard work and rigorous self-discipline.
  8. To provide the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School community with the opportunity to view competition and to participate as spectators.
Michel Cornellier
Athletic Director