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Chaplaincy Events

CDSBEO Week: October 16-20, 2023

In the spirit of celebrating Catholic Education, we look forward to celebrating CDSBEO week, with a different focus each day. This year's theme is "Be here. Be you. Belong!",

and each day we will concentrate on one aspect of what

makes our CDSBEO schools so wonderful.


Student Voice
Every One
School Masses and Liturgies

Throughout the school year, we gather as a faith community for prayer through Masses, prayer services, and sharing in the Liturgy of the Word. 

Thanksgiving Liturgy - October 5th
Remembrance Day Prayer Service - November 10th

Advent Mass - December 5th

Ash Wednesday Liturgy - February 14th 

Service Trip service - March 6th

Holy Week Liturgy - March 28th

End of Year Mass - June 4th