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Outreach Projects

Every year, STA staff and students invite you to be part of several major local and global outreach projects:

Thanksgiving Food Drive (for local families)
Christmas Angel (for local families)
Lenten Fundraiser (for our International Education Project, Philippines)

Dear Students, Parents & Guardians,


In recognition of the need to PRAY, FAST, and GIVE during Lent, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School is once again doing an international social justice fundraiser.  We are continuing our virtual fundraiser focused on helping one family escape poverty by providing high school and university education!


We know that one major factor keeping families trapped in poverty generation after generation is poor access to quality education.  Too many children end up leaving school to work for pennies an hour so they can help their family simply meet their basic needs each day.  The poor are so concerned about meeting their daily needs, they cannot even think about sending their children to higher education.


This is where STA comes into the picture—we are changing one family’s future! 


We are giving the gift of higher education to the Martel Morales family in the Philippines.  The two younger children, Yankel and Yalova, are attending high school at FAME Academy, and the older two daughters are currently in university.  Yeltzin is completing her final year of petroleum engineering, and Yevgeny is in her first year of business accounting!  Both are receiving a scholarship that pays for their tuition, and we are paying for food and lodging, allowance, field trips and project materials, as well as the books they need.  Without our help, university would still be unattainable, even with scholarships!


Our goal is to raise $6,000 per year for education, giving this family a future full of hope! With your help, these children, and every generation after them, will never suffer through poverty again. Please consider a donation to our Lenten fundraiser from now until April 17th by way of:



*Please Note: if you require a charitable tax receipt (when donating $20 or more) send an email to [email protected] after completing the cash online donation.  Provide your name, full mailing address including postal code, amount donated, and which child the donation was made under.


(For those WITHOUT access to school cash online OR for larger donations: make cheque out to St. Thomas Aquinas CHS – memo: Lenten fundraiser)


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email or at the telephone number below.  Thank you for supporting the Catholic call to charity and justice, and may God bless you!


Yours sincerely,


Mr. Chris Vonesch, Chaplaincy Leader

[email protected]

(613) 445-0810 ext. 7


P.S. – Becoming a monthly donor is the most effective way to help!  If this interests you, simply contact me, or click on the "pre-authorized donation" link below.  Print out the form and send it to the school; we will arrange for easy, automatic monthly withdrawals that are tax deductible.  Thank you for your support!